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Purple Roses: Meaning, Symbolism, and History

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Most frequently, purple roses are associated with royalty or dignified people and events. Centuries ago, purple flowers’ rarity in nature meant that purple dyes and pigments were exceptionally prized and expensive. Usually, only royalty could afford purple flowers, and thus, the items were made of their essence. In some cultures, purple flowers were even reserved for monarchs only to be an official decree.

Purple Flowers for Party Themes

For this reason, purple wedding flowers are a popular year-round choice because it signifies that the happy couple should be treated royally on their big day. In recent years, purple roses’ meaning has expanded somewhat to include recognition of success, achievement, or high honor.

A purple rose arrangement would be a particular way to congratulate a couple on their 25th anniversary. Or, for somebody who’s reached a milestone “happy birthday,” purple flowers are often a memorable present or party theme.

Purple Flowers Evoke Many Feelings

For people who love the color, the purple color symbolism is within the eye of the beholder. For some, purple flowers represent peace and serenity. That comes from the color’s ties to the lavender plant – whose fragrance is known to be a soothing aroma and is typically even mixed into tea. Purple roses may reflect a deep passion or mature romance.

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Lighter color purple flowers often signify springtime, as this is usually when most purple flowers like violets, lilies, and purple hydrangea are naturally in bloom.

What Does a Purple Rose Mean Spiritually?

In Eastern cultures, particularly those associated with Buddhism, purple flowers and their meanings change somewhat. For many, purple flowers are related to mystic discovery and inner journeys. The purple chakra – or crown chakra – is linked to wisdom and becoming one with the world. In Christianity, roses reflect God’s work in the world and, more specifically, purple roses are associated with wonder, awe, change for the better and Virgin Mary.

The color purple and purple flowers, by extension, are considered to speak transformation and creativity.

The Purple Flowers Meaning in Art

Heinau Optimist Bowl Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers Purple flowers have long been the favorite subjects of Monet, Van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keeffe. If there’s an artist in your life or someone who is inspired by artistic pursuits, then you’d possibly consider a purple rose arrangement as the simplest way to encourage their dreams.

This allure and magnetism of purple flowers draw people in and make every type of purple flower a welcome addition to any home and for nearly any and every occasion.